• 2. Add “Extract here” function directly on the archives
  • 3. (Another :)) Delete all archives unpacked when finished (cleanup of archives after everything is OK)
  • 4. Add support for .gz .tgz tar.gz and .tar


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  1. hi there
    took me quite some time to find ur unpacking tool. seems to be the only one of that kind.
    a default extraction dir/ extraction templates for certain directory structures would be really sweet 😀
    in my case i habe a lot of dirs with subfolders with rars in em and i want to extract the rars to the parent folder so a general default folder won t help much. i tried coding an unpacker to do that myself but
    …i m lacking the programming skills.
    so thnx for ur tool.

  2. Would it be possible to bribe you in some way into finishing the reliance on the #####AutoUnpacker##### file instead of renaming/deleting the .sfv? 😉

    I have configured utorrent to move finished downloads into a separate directory. I’m watching that directory with AutoUnpacker. That setup works fine apart from that utorrent stops seeding the torrent when it finds out that the .sfv-file has changed names.

    / Henrik

  3. Hi there,
    awesome tool! I have the same comments as Henrik. Any way to ensure that uTorrent keeps seeding the rar files after they have been extracted by AutoUnpacker? Cheers

  4. There is a small issue.

    If you are extracting an archive that is password protected, and enter the wrong password for that archive, it fails to extract (which is fine), but it also deletes the archive even though it didn’t successfully extract.

    Also, could you please contact me, I am interested in purchasing or otherwise obtaining a license for the source codes for a personal project. Your code contains all the key functionality for the extraction of archives, and would prove to save a bit of time, however it needs a few modification for full automation.

    Thank you.

  5. I’m having a problem now with the autoUnpacker. I keep getting an error that it cannot save the dirs.cfg file. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing multiple times but it seems the settings never get fully removed. Is there something getting caught up in the registry I need to remove?

    1. Hi, try to delete the www. Autounpacker and www. Unpacker under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ after you uninstall.
      Also check the installation directory after uninstalling and delete directory if it exists.
      Sorry for the inconvenience!


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