This is a fully automated extracting tool. This is not a WinRAR or WinZIP replacement but quite a useful util when you want to extract large quantum of archives. The program makes a queue of every rar added to the list and extract them one by one. This way you can peacefully play your games (or sleep) while extracting. It also have optional functions to cleanup (removing archives after extract). You should try it, it is free and you’ll get a notice when a program update is available, that way you’ll always have the latest version. Other functions like minimize to tray, thread priority etc. are also available.

Unpacker w/AutoExtract window

Current version is: [cf]unpacker-version[/cf]


  • Fixed support for Windows 2003 server and Windows Home Server (captionbuttons messing up)
  • Added support for password protected files! (With a simple timeout)
  • Added right-click option for “Extract to destination” on found-archives
  • Added right-click option for “Rescan same directory” on scan
  • Created a SFV-checked option for Autounpacker so it will not rescan same SFV file again


  • Zip-support added!
  • Possible to add archives in archives directly to the queue
  • Added option for ignoring the found window and directly extract everything it find
  • Made the cleanup functions smarter, and fixed a small bug in the renaming feature
  • Now possible to save unfinished extraction queue to file on exit and reload it on startup (or a crash)
  • Logfile support added
  • Also possible to rename the directory you’ve extracted from
  • Possible to pause/resume on Unpacker & Autocopy
  • AutoCopy can now operate in quiet mode
  • Possible to set thread priority
  • Autoscan directories by given interval
  • Check autoscanned archives against the SFV file
  • Automatic adding to queue when archive is equal to SFV, so you don’t have to 🙂
  • Recursive scan of harddrive anywhere in Explorer for archives
  • Archives can be queued for process
  • Each archive is extracted one by one
  • Possible (optional) to clean up the archive files after use

Feedback from other sites:
Award received from the DLC software-network (Download.dk User Award)
download UnPacker 1.5.0 here
UnPacker 1.5.0 download
on File Fishstick Get it from CNET Download.com! FilesLand.com Free Downloads from SnapFiles.com

Unpacker donations: [cf]unpacker-donation[/cf]

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  1. Is there an option to extract to a user selected directory? I want to unpack my rar-files to another hard drive to increase the speed, but I can’t find out how.

  2. SirPack-A-Lot: I haven’t implemented that into the program yet. But if you have .sfv files you can use the AutoUnpacker function to extract it else where.

    I will add it to the todolist.


  3. Is there a way to clean up specific files. For example: I want to delete the .sfv file after extracting multipart rar files but I don’t want to use the option to “Remove all but these extensions” becuase alot of zip files contain rar files but if I add rar to the list it won’t remove the rar files after extraction of the multipart rar’s.

  4. Dear Lars,

    Great program, thanks heaps for making this freely available! I’ve spent a few hours looking for sth like this today and the AutoUnpacker did the trick for me. Yay!

    One question:

    Is it possible to make the context menu entries (‘scan/watch this folder…’ optional? I personally don’t need them and they take up a lot of screen real estate.


  5. does the prog have facility to accept/input a password; some rar files require a password to be entered to extract the files within. Or will the prog just ignore any password-protected rar files?

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the wonderful program.
    I have a request to be implemented (if possible).
    Can you add on option (especially for RAR archive) to uncompress in anewly created directory based on the file name?
    A few other programs out there (but nowhere near as good as this one) can handle this option so I would think is not too hard to implement.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Fantastic program! One thing that would make it near perfect would be PAR-support. Hoping to see that very soon 🙂

  8. Good program!

    Is it possible for the prog to copy for example an .nfo file contained in the folder with the rar-archive to the directory where you want the extracted file aswell? (or all “external” files in the folder, excepting the rar-archive itself)

  9. A few questions.

    Why does the unpacker have to lauch another copy of itself to unpack the files.
    I have zone alarm and the software constantly tries to access the internet to check for updates as I Unpack.
    When this happens I check the task Manager and found multiple instances running.

    I agree with the above regarding having alternative directory to extract to. i.e Incoming and Unpacked.
    Perhaps a global variable which will be the directory to extract to.

    Any way to speed up scan. When doing a large directory of rars it can take a long time to scan.
    Perhaps an option to quick scan which will be equivalent to Directory Scan and then launch background scan for further information.

  10. A few questions.

    Why does the unpacker have to lauch another copy of itself to unpack the files.
    I have zone alarm and the software constantly tries to access the internet to check for updates as I Unpack.
    When this happens I check the task Manager and found multiple instances running.

    I agree with the above regarding having alternative directory to extract to. i.e Incoming and Unpacked.
    Perhaps a global variable which will be the directory to extract to.

    Any way to speed up scan. When doing a large directory of rars it can take a long time to scan.
    Perhaps an option to quick scan which will be equivalent to Directory Scan and then launch background scan for further information.

    A great utility that was sorely needed. Thanks for the great work.

  11. Hi large.

    Sorry for the slow response.

    When I try to start Unpacker or Autoextract they start up (I see them in Task manager) but the process just dies after 4-5 seconds w/o any error or information – neither on screen nor in the event log.

    I’ve run Microsoft update on this machine just yesterday and restarted it several times after installation of UnPacker.

  12. Excellent program, but it desperately needs the ability to change the directory to extract to, even if not on a file-by-file basis. Once that get implemented, I’ll happily uninstall the rest of my decompression software. Until then keep up the great work!

  13. I like the program, nice job

    One Question: Why does it, everytime you scan a dir, ‘call home’
    What i mean is it contacts a Akamai server

  14. Hei, har lagd et lignende program, det heter SCRU (Scene Release Unpacker). Det fungerer hovedsakelig som ditt, men ble utviklet for Ã¥ fungere sammen med µTorrent. Du har nok en del ekstra funksjoner da 😉 Kameraten min og jeg har en server hvor vi laster ned tv-serier/filmer/spill via RSS i µTorrent. Hele nedlastingsprosessen og utpakkinga gÃ¥r da helautomatisk, det er digg 🙂

    Viktigste funksjonene med SCRU:
    * Overvåking av mappe (automatisk utpakking).
    * Destinasjon er dynamisk, avhengig av hva som pakkes ut.

    Det vil nok aldri komme pÃ¥ høyde med ditt, men det fungerer ypperlig til det bruket det var ment til. Uansett, du kan jo prøve det og si hva du synes 😉

  15. Vidar: Det er jo kult da 🙂 MÃ¥ være behov for noe slikt ja. Flere jeg kjenner hadde nok brukt det, hvis den ikke krevde .Net frameworken 🙂

  16. Hva er det som er sÃ¥ pes med .NET framework’en egentlig? Har aldri skjønt meg pÃ¥ folk som klager pÃ¥ den. “Install-and-fuhgeddaboudit” liksom, hehe.
    .NET er jo en gave fra himmelen til oss utviklere 😉

  17. Vidar: .NET er en murstein som installeres på sluttbrukers maskin. Helt klart ikke en fordel. Først nå vil .NET bli utnyttet fullt ut, siden Vista inneholder .NET 3.0
    Gavepakke og gavepakke, templates for everyone. Kjekk for raske resultat

  18. Hi Lars,

    As mentioned by somebody before there are issues with Win2003 Server and SP2. I had this running on Win2003 R2 with SP1 and it just worked fine. Now when I upgraded to SP2 it doesnt run naymore. Any chance you can look inot this? It will be a shame to not get this great program working on the latest service pack.


  19. Just to follow up on my previous post – Win2003 Server R2 with SP2 seems to work just fine (I have tested this ona brand new Virtual Server). However, in my case it will not work. It seems that some software I have installed on my server did change something which will stop Unpacker from running. All other programs run fine. Is just this one. Lars if you have a bebug version or something that you want me to try just let me know and I will work with you to get this program going again.

  20. Hi MnM, I’ve been giving reports of this error on one occasion earlier (Close friend of mine had the problem). We did not find any solution to it since the program just died (He didn’t want a debugger installed on the server). His solution was to reinstall w2k3, and it work afterwards that. You might have ran microsoft “lockdown” tool or something, it set restrictions in many way that might stop the software.
    I’ve been using this util exclusive on a w2k3 server for quite a while (with autounpacker) and I don’t have any problem running it even with SP2.

    Anyway you could try to install the http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/default.mspx

    Then open the unpacker executable, and make it run. The log might say something to me 😉

  21. nice feature that i would like add would be to delete Sample folders or any folder that has a video file in it that is would delete

    on the auto delete list of except files how about add folders

  22. Hey there Lars!
    This tool is EXCELLENT!
    I unrared and unzipped all the cr@p that was in my 1TB disks!!
    Especially movies and utilities mixed up or left there unrar cause I was bored! Great job indeed!!
    Any plans for a new improved version soon, if needed?
    Thanx a lot again, god bless!
    Dimis Karras

  23. Hey Lars!

    Very nice Tool! works pretty fine.
    Is there an option to delete sfv files after extraction?

    best regards


  24. Are you planing to update this further? A feature I would like to see is to move extracted file up 1 directory. The reason for this is that when you download a tv season, it comes in a folder for the season, and 24 sub-folders (1 for each episode). Unpacker works great, but after unpacking all 24 episodes of a season lets say, i have to go into all 24 folders and cut and paste each episode I just extracted out of each one. would be nice for it to be extracted to the main season directory instead of those sub folders.

  25. Mike, a solution for you would be to search for “*.avi” inside the folder with all the episodes. then, you can cut+paste the found files in the root of the directory. that’s what i do in cases like that 🙂

    unfortunately, it looks like this great software is not gonna be updated anymore…

  26. Solutions and alternatives are available. There will be updates on this program, dunno when. Got a ton of other projects and much work on them too.

    Currently I’m working on a complete revised version of StackCopy so please hang on for that update 😉

  27. I have been using this program for years and I just wanted to drop by and say thanks. I really could not be without it (from all the users out there, I must be the one who uses this tool the most).. Thank you so much for this!

    Ps. It would be a great thing to have a multiprocessor support and support for 7zip.

  28. most of the rar archives contain password. i’ve written a similar software to handle rar/zip files. its so easy to extract password protected archives. there are many methods. i’m sure u can do this as well.

  29. how about making it able to keep only extracted file ? or if you use automatic mode where it moves them then delete the source folder complete ?

  30. You could integrate a ftp client in to..after the rls is unrared > upload to a specific device/adress =) Would be awsome! 😀

  31. I would also like to see extract to specified directory implemented soon. Been using this prog for over a year now and have been hoping for that update this whole time

  32. Just found this nice program and trying it out. First feature enhancement that came in mind was an ability to choose sort order in the Progress queue.

    Great program altough!

  33. Great application. I would like to see further development for support for password protected archives. If you would like, I could offer some assistance in this area. It has been quite a long time since any further development has been done on this application, but there is definitely potential.

  34. is there a special option that let the unpacker see the new style rar packs ex. part01.rar part02.rar

  35. hello. just stumbled upon this program and it’s great! saves me a lot of time. just like the first poster, i’d love the ability to move/save the extracted files to a user selected directory. also, i’d like to recommend a systray option.

    really looking forward to the next release!

  36. I’ve used unpacker for as long as I can remember – incredible program. However, I can’t get it to run on Windows Home Server (Windows 2003 Server) either. When I try to run it, absolutely nothing happens. It doesn’t show in the task manager, nor do I ever see any windows indicating that it’s even trying to run.

  37. I gave up on Win2k3 server and went back to Vista. However, I’ve noticed that when using the WatchFolders AutoUnpacker, it doesn’t exctract Zip files. It does a perfect job with the Rars on it’s own, but it bypasses any Zips.

  38. I would like to enhance this product with support for password protected archives, and custom sorting.

    If I could get a copy of the sources, I have a bit of free time to develop on this product.

    Thank you.

  39. I have 52 rar files to unpack. When I right click on the directory which contains them it shows 1 of 52. How do I list 2, 3, 4, and so on to 52? Am I just stupid?

    Thank you,


  40. Dave:

    Those 52 files are all part of the same archive. Only the primary file shows up in the extractor as it is all that is necessary to automatically extract all 52 in order.

  41. I just purchased a Windows Home Server machine and for the life of me can’t get Unpacker to run on it. Absolutely nothing happens when I try to run it, either from the Start menu or from right-clicking a folder and clicking the “Scan this directory with UnPacker”.

    Any ideas?

  42. Sorry guys for lack of support. So little time. So many projects!

    I will look into releasing the source code, but I dunno yet.
    Dennis: I couldn’t get the bastard to run on Windows Home Server either… I’ll let you know if I manage too.

  43. Thank you very much! 🙂

    I currently got inspired and found the bug regarding W2k3 and Windows Home Server. I’ll just finish off the password handling and a new release of Unpacker will be released.

  44. Great to see the new release.I’ve been using this for years. I’ll send you a few bucks when I get back to work.Thanks for the great program and even more for not abandoning it.

  45. I haven’t tested yet, but has the Watch-Folder been fixed so that it now extracts and deletes properly from the watched folders?

  46. pinkISH: Thank you, but that wasn’t the intension 🙂 The Unpacker was created to extract night-builds backups from my server. After a while several friends realize that it worked real good on other software. That is why the options in the this program is a little “different” than others extractors.

    The fix “Created a SFV-checked option for Autounpacker so it will not rescan same SFV file again” will create a ###Autounpacker.SFV.OK### file. If this file is found it will ignore the SFVs in that directory.
    I guess that will fix the problem of the uTorrent going into redownload because of sfv-file is missing.

    Did you test the “extract to” right-click option on the “Found archives” too?
    And did the password dialog work for you?

  47. Hi,

    i just found this program and have some newbie questions.

    1. Does this work on tar files also?

    2. Autounpacker does not seem to do anything although Unpacker will detect the files in the archive. I have sfv check disabled as I dont have sfv files in all archives.

    I found the option to uncheck the sfv check in unpacker, but it seems that the autounpacker still looks for it and doesnt trigger on archives.

  48. hindibuff:
    1. No tar support, sorry
    2. Autounpacker just checks the SFV files that are OUTSIDE of an archive. Others are ignored

    The option to uncheck the SFV check needs to be disabled in the Autounpacker rather than Unpacker. If you are uncertain it doesn’t check it anymore restart AutoUnpacker.

  49. great new release!

    please add ‘extract to’ user defined directory function! very helpful when extracting multiple season packs!

  50. Thanks for your great program, Iâ??ve been using it for ages and I only found out today you have released a new version, so I updated from 1.3 to 1.5 and I have a question to ask you about the registry entries.

    In the old version you have the registry entries for the right click menu â??Unpack using http://www.unpackerâ?, and â??scan with autounpackerâ?, which I edited to make the unpack shorter (menu is too long otherwise, for my liking), and the scan one I deleted cause I donâ??t need it.

    But now I canâ??t seem to find these registry entries anymore with this new version. Could you let me where or how I can edit the right menu to shorten the name and delete the scan entry now please?

  51. Odd, the autounpacker doesn’t seem to do anything for me on WHS. Unpacker finds the archives – but autounpacker just does a quick scan and nothing. Files not unpacked…nothing.

    Should a window come up or something occur?

  52. Ignore my comment – and apologies. The archive I was testing it with was screwed up and was what was causing the issue. Great program!

  53. Great piece of software. I found a bug that you might or might not know about. I’m assuming it has to do with your way of checking the file extension on files.

    I have one archive that is called part01.rar – part01.r29. That works fine. A different archive is named part02.rar – part02.r29. Unpacker recognises that the archive exists but doesn’t add it to the list.

    I apologise if this is by design. Thanks for releasing it for free.

  54. thanks for this great software, i hope u can made user selected directory available in future, thanks again 😀

  55. Any hope of this working with Windows 7? I upgraded to find sadly it doesn’t work. I would glady donate if you could update it.


  56. Are you running 64 bit windows 7? The program never opens the main window for me and yes I did upgrade from vista.

  57. Great product, im currently running it in windows 7 64bit, i have come accross a couple of issues:

    1) When you try to open the program it sometimes dosnt open you have to kill the service then reopen.
    2) after extraction of .rar files, the unpacker system process locks the file\folder preventing it from being removed.

    Is ther a way to get it to remove same files e.g movie.bla.bla-sample.avi ? generally located in a movile\sample folder ?

    Thanks and once again, great app.

  58. I also think that this is 1 of the best programs out there for batch unraring. But I also think it needs an option to batch unrar to a user specified directory. that is the only thing this little program is lacking.

    thanks for the great work.

  59. sorcerer86:
    In the “Found archives” list multi-select (hold CTRL down and select like you would in other programs) rightclick in the list and select “Extract all selected archives to different destination”.

    I didn’t find great implementation, but hey it works 😉

  60. 7of9:
    There isn’t a option for it in the application. You could use regedit and remove these keys:

    Remove also the !Autounpacker directories when you’re at it!

  61. Great proggie!

    Password function works but needs to be re-entered for every Rar selected, even if all the Rar’s selected as a group for unRar’ing use the same password.

    Is there someway for UnPacker to remember the password for all the rar’s selected?

    Thank you!

  62. Hi,

    great app that i used alot. But since today, every time i start the program, it stays minimized and i can´t directly access it. No matter if i´m rebooting my system or reinstalling the application. Any hints?

  63. h0nk:
    Use regedit.exe to check the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\www.Unpacker\www.Unpacker\Settings\HideToTray

    If you don’t care about the setup you have, just delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\www.Unpacker and restart the application. Then set it up again.

  64. Large:

    Is there a way to get it to remove the sample folder and the file within the sample folder?
    I think this is the best utility program i have come across, thank you.


  65. syn:
    I don’t know what sample-folder you are talking about?
    But Unpacker does not support any external post-operation functions. If you have problems with large masses of the same folder like the ones called “sample”, just use Search (Win+F) and search for “sample”, press CTRL-A for all and press delete.

  66. I believe I found a bug in Unpacker 1.5.0. It can delete an encrypted archive without extracting it. You can reproduce the problem by following these steps:

    In Unpacker settings, check “Cleanup archive files after extraction”.
    In WinRAR, create an archive containing one file. Click the “advanced” tab and set a password. Check “encrypt filenames”.
    Put the archive in a new folder.
    Scan the folder with Unpacker. Extract all.
    Click the “close” button, or enter an incorrect password, or let it timeout.
    Unpacker will delete the file.

  67. You never answered the question asking if there is a way to extract multiple rar files using the same password without having to enter it for each file.

  68. Nice program Lars – I wish I’d known about this before – a lot of time would have been saved. I’d like to support the request by those wanting the option to extract to a specified directory – cheerz.

  69. There is a nasty little bug/error on programs crash. the crash start when aunpacker scans folder then i guess the unpack-er has trouble with long name or something cause it tries to create a blank (no name and i dont know how windows allows that) folder that has the file that it extracted in it. but funny part is you cant delete the no name folder normally i had to use unlock-er app to remove the no name folder since windows would let me with normal means. then there is a nasty memory leak when it tries to rescan the folder that has that no name folder causing it to dump its core and pop up a error report to send out ( which i allowed it to). once you send the report the auto unpacker app eats up all my memory and i have to kill the process.

  70. hey! thanks for this! expect a donation soon 🙂 i would also like the context menu’s to be optional. thanks!!

  71. Can you queue up .ISO files through Unpacker in the same way ?

    I’ve tried but it can’t find them as archives……

  72. Bit-O-Help please …. I installed v1.5.0 build: 1909 on SBS 2003. I’m using autoUnpacker to scan I:\Shows\ with a destination of same folder I:\Shows\ . I thought this would extract any .rar into the same folder it was in, but it’s not doing anything. I opened Unpacker and scanned I:\Shows\ and it found 6 files and I extracted them. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!!

  73. Program wont run….

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Unpacker.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 497b8553
    Fault Module Name: PSDProtect.dll_unloaded
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 47cd6a90
    Exception Code: c0000096
    Exception Offset: 022f2b60
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 2057
    Additional Information 1: 7801
    Additional Information 2: e8ac57b0ca7e0d6b0c78f35bb3984cb3
    Additional Information 3: 234c
    Additional Information 4: 706e7881525cc5f06ab705babf6f6c6d

  74. Hi,
    I have a problem.
    Im runnig Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    I installed the program and lunched it, the process is runnig and the icon in the taskbar is there BUT if i click on it the GUI of the program dosent pop up.

    Do you have an idea to fix my problem?

  75. @Drag0nir:
    I’ve been having that same problem, even killing the processs, restarting, reinstalling etc. I just found a solution though. Go in to your task manager > Applications tab > right-click Unpacker and choose ‘Maximize’


  76. considering that the developer hasn’t updated this program in almost 2/3 years, you wonder why it doesn’t work? ROFL.

    1-24-2009 was the last modification date for unpacker.exe, the common files that unpacker runs off of date back to 3-24-2008.

    update your shit you lazy mfkkr.

    1. Lol!
      Sluper sl00ze you triggered my “discontinue the whole project”-button… If dates matters consider what the util does rather than the last-time-it-was-updated you fake-lazy-bastard!

  77. Would really love to see a feature implemented that I noticed people asking for a few times way back…and am guessing its a pretty simple fix…

    Extract each archive to their own subfolder (automatically named after the name of the original archive)


  78. ^^^ Sorry to be clear about what I meant above, when using WinRar, if user selects more than one RAR archive to extract, you can right click the menu and select “Extract each archive to separate folder”.

    Would be great to see that implemented in Unpacker.

    1. Looking at the extraction options for Unrar, the appropriate items would seem to be:

      Unrar x (parameter x extracts files with full path)


      Unrar ad (parameter ad “appends archive name to destination path”)


      may be a combination of both?

      If we had the source code could modify/include this now 🙂

  79. hey im trying to use the auto un packer for the first time with utorrent

    is there a way to set up my source direct and desination direct without it trying to unrar everything that is already in there

    i want it to only unrar new torrents when i download them

    any help thanks???

  80. Thanks for a great application! Have been using it for some years now, and it works like a charm. (Except the maximize from taskbar bug)
    Stop complaining, this is free, and as far as I know, no other programs does this job. (Tv-series is a pain in the ass when you have to extract one episode at the time, especially when its all the seasons of The Simpsons ect….)

  81. GREAT TOOL!!!! works very fast when extracting archives between 2 NAS machines.. it would be great to have an option to unpack archives to a seperate directory using the archive name.. but.. 2 THUMBS UP!!!

  82. Hi,

    first of all, thank you for a great a small tool! – Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get it to unpack the rars.Im running Windows 7 and Auto Unpack as an Administrator.
    I download rared TV shows via Azureus. I setup Auto Unpacker to monitor the download directory.
    As soon as the folder is created Auto Unpack creates the dummy file “#####www.AutoUnPacker#####”.
    It will mostly also do an SFV check, meaning that once the File is downloaded I receive a second folder labled “#####www.AutoUnPacker.SFV.is.OK#####”.
    So far so good.
    But now it will not unpack the rars. The Unpacker.log does not show any errors and is empty.

    I can “fix” this error as follows:
    Wait till files are complete
    Close Unpack and delete SFV and Unpack folder files
    Start unpacker
    -> It seems like unpacker gets confused, when the rars are not complete but the directory SFV file is already created. If I restart Auto Unpack without deleting the folders it will also noch unpack the rar.
    Does anyone else have this problem on Windows 7, or maybe knows a solution?
    Thanks in Advance,


  83. edit: Unpacker.log now suddenly says “contained error with file” with the video file inside the rars. I then deleted all folders again, clicked “Force start scan” and it worked. I dont understand the problem.

  84. Hey I’m having the same problem as Drag0nir.

    I’m Running win 7 x64 and when I try to run Unpacker, it comes up in the taskbar and task manager, but the GUI never shows up. I tried kiling the process, the process tree, restarting, reinstalling, uninstalling but nothing has worked yet. Even the fix where you go to task manager, right click and hit maximize on Unpacker doesn’t work.

    Does anyone know how to get this working for me?

    Thanks a lot

    1. >> Nik and Drag0nir. << I fixed it by right clicking on the program icon and choose properties. Choose RUN Minimized and press OK. That fixed it for me.

  85. I like to say this is a program i use day in and day out, i love it. I run this on Win 7 x64 with a couple small issues but i have learned over the time how to get around them. I rarely use the auto unpacker its the manual unpacker that gets the use. One small issue is that after using it alot there is a bug that wont show the GUI anymore. To get around this bug usually if you look in your task manger under “process tab” you will see more than one instance of the process running, kill every one of them and try to load up the unpacker again and should work. Another i seen mention above is when the unpacker program gets locked minimized, there are many fixes above to get around this. One small bug i also found is when extract a certain release out from spanned rars, instead of placing the avi into the directory it will place the avi in a blank folder. In order to delete the blank folder can only bee done from dos ( heh a limitation of windows gui). I have found out you can update the urar.dll to the newest version by downloading the unrar pack from rarlabs website and replacing the unrar.dll (just make sure to get the 32bit dll). What would be really cool is if unpacker could be utilized from a command prompt that way i could create a script with the ftp client to run unpacker after its done downloading.

  86. I tried it on Win 7 32 & Win XP – surprize…. works 2x faster on Win XP then Win 7…
    Very good program…helped me alot…

  87. Hello,

    Let me first say thank you for your work on this program. I have one question for you though, is there any way for Auto-Unpacker to extract an archive into a folder I designate without it placing it in a sub folder?

    For example…

    – I tell Auto-Unpacker to watch the folder Downloads and when it sees a .rar file to unpack it and move it to the folder Unpacked
    – I download the file abc123.rar into the folder Downloads
    – Auto-Unpacker sees the new .rar file in the Downloads folder and unpacks it.
    – Auto-Unpacker now creates the folder abc123 and moves the unpacked file here
    – The end result is that I have C:\Unpacked\abc123\abc123
    – What I want to have is C:\Unpacked\abc123

    Does that make sense? I’ve been trying to find a solution to this myself without any luck. if you could help me out that would be great.


  88. hi Lars Werner,

    you have created an amazing software but it has major bugs

    i lost a lot of data because of the program and hence i am informing you the bugs so that other people need not loose data

    1. if a wrong password/ weird password is provided the program crashes
    2. if delete to recycle bin is enabled it does not delete the file
    3. if we use the delete file setting and cancel the password prompt since i did not know the password it directly deletes the file thinking it is extracted successfully. i think it should delete the file on successful extraction but your software does not have a check on this

    due to this bug i lost almost 20 to 35 files

    4. i think you should have a password.txt file to input the password

    please fix the bug about deletion either to recycle bin or direct delete without which your software is not helpful to anyone


  89. Hi
    Great program

    Can u make an opposite program,
    Watch a directory,and sub. and when a files over ex. 5gb is found, it will pack the file to a numbers of RAR files,
    selectable size of input file and selectable size of output rar files..


    1. Hi Sten,

      Sorry but the time doesn’t stretch to create such a application atm.
      I don’t know any solutions by others, so I’ve created a vbs-script for you: http://lars.werner.no/wp-content/uploads/2005/11/PackDir.zip

      Here you can add as many dirs at you like and execute “something” when the total size is above the limit.

      By adding this to a schedule-task by “cscript.exe PackDir.vbs” to run each hour, then it would pack your files automatically.
      Add the parameter -df (Delete files after archiving) and you would delete files after packing.
      Meaning that the script will not execute on each run.

      Lars Werner

  90. where can i find a good manual for this program, my installation keeps deleting all my files, rars and extracted 🙁

    1. Oh, SHOOG, You must have gotten the “UNPAC-A-DELETER.” You, see, these platforms unpack every single file on you PC. And, sometimes they even add other peoples files. But, they are good if you hate your computer.

  91. Ingenious and unique software for fully extracting archives including all archives within! Please never stop developing it. Though it took me a long time to find UnPacker. And nowadays I am mostly using OS X. Any OS X port in the making?

    1. Hi grisu,

      There is probably something wrong with the window placement stored in registry.
      Use the registry editor and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\
      Delete the “folders”:
      www. Autounpacker
      www. Unpacker

      This will loose your config setup.
      If you like to keep your setup and just restore window position, delete the “folders” under the www. Unpacker

      Regards. Lars

  92. This is one of the best things to ever hit the waves. If you are trying to properly un-do what those ingenious torrent packers do–without frustration, this bad-ware will do it.

  93. hi Lars,
    can you maybe do an overhaul and make it compatible with Win10?
    also, a couple of clearly intact winrar 5.* archives are missed during the detection
    can donate you 15eurs, maybe others will too, when it is fully working. as long as theres the scene, this tool is a true gem.

  94. How to save the error log ? if the files are zip and rars and one of them are corrupted so while the unpacking we should only see the errors log in some log file and it should be shown in the program with a bility to copy it as a clip copy

    please add it to the next version , if you extracting 14000 plus folder you dont want to keep searching for which is done extract good but only which ones didnt extract so we can also need right click options to open the folders

    and also mark the folders with the red color that the one didnt get unpacked well for some rars zips reasons

    the program work perfect its just very poor and not updated for very long time.

    hope you can reply and do something about it , 100 $ donation is nothing for some coders who are working to make it easy for others.

    thank you.,

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